*Northern Romance Retreat* The Holiday Disaster (Doves of Destiny 1)


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Signed paperback copy of The Holiday Disaster (Doves of Destiny 1)


What do you call being stranded with your brother’s best friend? A Recipe for disaster? Or a dream come true?

Ethan Wang

College is supposed to be my chance to start over. To leave high school behind and focus on my studies to become a vet. Then, I board a plane on winter break and find myself seated next to my brother’s best friend. The same guy I had a huge crush on even though he always seemed to have it out for me.

It should be a quick flight filled with awkward small talk, but plans change when the plane’s engine fails and we have to land in the middle of nowhere. After a sequence of ill-fated events, we’re forced to share a B&B with only one bed. Trapped in a room with a man I’ve hidden my feelings from for years… What’s the worst that could happen?


Kingsley Sharp

I usually get what I want, thanks to my mastery at charming my way into anyone’s heart. That, however, hasn’t been the case with my best friend’s brother. We got off on the wrong foot, and I want nothing more than to win him over.

Now with us stranded together, my chance has come. Stuck in a small town full of snow drifts and holiday cheer, I’m determined to use this disaster to make this a magical holiday neither of us will forget.

The Holiday Disaster is a standalone MM romance with college-aged characters. It’s a fun blend of sweet and steamy moments featuring brother’s best friend, one bed, first love, slow burn, and opposites attract tropes.

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