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A Black Cat Circus: Pearl of Fate Novel

Conall grew up as one of the few humans in the circus. He loves his magical family but can’t help feeling like the odd one out. He’s too romantic, too naive, and too ordinary.

Tidun has it all. The looks, the fame, the family lineage, but he feels like something is missing. Sperm whale shifters are tight-knit, and as the only prince of the royal family, he’s beloved by his people. Still, he yearns for something more.

A runaway briefcase full of questionable content, and Conall gallantly stepping in to save the day, has both of them lingering in each other’s thoughts. Conall wants to find the person he’s meant to be with. Tidun fears being tied-down, but he can’t see being with Conall as anything else but true freedom.

It’s unheard of for a sperm whale shifter to have a human for a mate, but they have to make it work or risk drowning in the noise of everything else.

Conall is an opposites attract, fated mates, and forbidden love paranormal MM romance between a sperm whale shifter prince and a human. The Black Cat Circus: Pearl of Fate is a multi-author series and season two of the Black Cat Circus World that features found family and a magical cast of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed as a series.

New Here?

Start with The New Neighbor and see how it all began…

What do you do with an irresistible neighbor you didn’t account for in your life?

Caleb had big dreams of opening a bakery when he was young, but they were shattered when tragedy struck, making him the man of the house. His Mom and younger brother depend on him to be strong and support them, even if it meant sacrificing himself. He was resigned to being a cog in the wheel in a job he hated, until his new neighbor moves in and challenges everything.

Zack didn’t do relationships. After his family cut ties with him, he vowed to stick to friendships in the future. However, when his blushing neighbor overhears him mention erectile dysfunction and balls, he can’t let the cute man leave thinking he has issues with his lower parts.

The New Neighbor is book 1 of the Corio Heights series about well, the new neighbor. Join Caleb and Zack’s story as they discover that they can have more than what they resigned themselves to. It features a regal cat, hurt/comfort themes, and lots of blushing.

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