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The Holiday Disaster

What do you call being stranded with your brother’s best friend?


I’d always been unlucky. It’s something I’ve accepted. But I didn’t think anything could go wrong when going home for my first college winter break. I knew it was bad when I found I was sitting next to my brother’s best friend on the plane. The guy who has always had it out for me ever since we were kids. The same one that I couldn’t get out of my thoughts no matter how different we were. When the plane’s engine fails and we’re forced to land in the middle of nowhere, one thing happens after another, and we’re stuck sharing the same room. Did I mention there’s only one bed? It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


I’d always gotten what I wanted. Being a king is in my name, and it greatly helps that I could charm my way into anyone’s heart. That is of course, except my best friend’s little brother. He’d always been weary of me ever since our first meeting. Maybe it’s the fact that he can’t stand to be in the same room as me that made me want him to like me even more, but I was not giving up on winning him over. My chance comes when we’re unexpectedly stuck in some little town full of snow and merry holiday cheer. When one thing leads to another, it’s a disaster I’m looking forward to.

The Holiday Disaster is a standalone holiday MM romance with college aged characters. It’s filled with lots of sweet moments and steam. It features brother’s best friend, one bed, first love, slow burn, and opposites attract tropes.

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