The Hideaway Neighbor Bonus Scene

This is NSFW! Just a warning, this is basically PWP of Noah and Lucas acting out a scene from the book Noah wrote about them. This scene does not follow the timeline of the main story. Enjoy!


People in suits and formal clothing milled past me as they rushed off to whatever important business matter they needed to attend to. Some shot me curious glances since I looked completely out of place in this fancy office building with my sweatpants and oversized t-shirt, but they ignored me for the most part.

I kept my head down as I walked straight to my destination. It had been years since I’d last come to this office, but not much had changed. Nestled in the back of the busy high-rise building were larger office rooms that were used by the executives, and I was here to visit one of them.

I knocked on the solid wood door and waited for the deep “come in” to sound before entering the room. Lucas lifted his head from the pile of papers scattered around his desk. Shock was the first thing that registered on his face before transforming into happiness. Seeing him light up whenever he was around me was the best thing in the world.

“Mouse, what are you doing here?” Lucas asked as he stood and walked around his desk to loop his arms around my waist. I grabbed hold of his tie and pulled him down to meet me in a greeting kiss. I kept it soft despite my body screaming at me to deepen the kiss. There would be time for that later.

“I missed you. It’s weird not having you work by my side these days,” I said as I patted his tie flat against his chest.

“I know, baby,” he said as he snuggled his face into the nook of my neck. “I miss working with you too.”

We’d gotten so used to working together in our cozy living room that having to spend this time apart had taken some time to get used to. It was only temporary while things settled with his larger project, but that didn’t mean we had to like it.

“It can’t be helped since it’s been so busy at the company, and I know you’ve been stressed about work recently, so I thought I’d help you…destress,” I said as I gently pushed him off of me. I turned to shut the blinds on the window slits by the door before turning back to Lucas.

He was perching on the edge of his desk, his hands on both sides of him as he gave me a curious smile. “What are you doing?”

“It’s been getting cold lately, hasn’t it? Do you need some help warming up?” I raised a suggestive brow and stalked toward him.

He shot me an incredulous gaze that was tinged with a hint of worry. “Are you okay, Mouse? It’s the middle of summer.”

I rolled my eyes, walked behind his desk, and pulled out his chair. “Just sit down, Cat.”

“Are you sure you’re not getting sick? Do you have the chills?” Lucas asked but still followed my order to sit his butt in his leather chair.

I ignored his questions and got on my knees. I slid under the space of his solid wood desk and found a comfortable position to sit, since I’d planned to be here for a while. He had one of those more antique looking, giant desks that had a back panel so that no one could see what was happening under the desk. Which worked out perfectly for me today.

“Babe?” Lucas asked from above. He was staring at me with shock but also amusement.

“Come closer,” I said, pulling his chair up to the desk and pushing his legs apart so that I had full access. “Aren’t you cold? Let me warm you up.”

I reached up to slowly pull his zipper down. Lucas watched my movements, and his eyes lit up when realization finally dawned on him.

“I’m freezing, Mouse. I’d love to have you warm me up.” His flaccid dick instantly hardened under my hand. Pulling down his boxers, his dick sprang out, almost slapping me in the face.

Lucas had a beautiful cock that was the perfect length and girth. His rod stood up straight and tall. It wasn’t too veiny but still exuded strength. His mushroom head curved into a flat top that seemed to always hit the magical spot inside me. He had a cock that was meant to be worshipped, and I’d planned to do exactly that today.

“What are you waiting for, babe? I’m about to turn into ice in this weather,” Lucas said, breaking me out of my trance of staring at his cock. He brought a hand under my chin so that I was looking at him.

“We can’t have that, now can we?” I smirked at him. Grabbing his hard-on, I gave him one slow stroke.

Lucas’s thumb swept across my lip. “My cock is going to look so beautiful surrounded by these full lips.” He pressed his thumb into my mouth, and I sucked hard, giving him a little preview of what was to come.

I gave him one last stroke before taking him into my mouth. Lucas gasped as I went down hard on him, suckling, licking, and tasting his passion as I worked to drive him crazy. I peered up through my lashes to find him watching me with burning eyes. His hands twined in my hair, pulling just enough so that it didn’t hurt.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Lucas said with urgency in his eyes. “I wish I could see you like this all day long, choking on my cock.”

I chuckled, and he let out a low grumble. Oh, the plans I had for him. He was going to be in for a huge surprise.

“You’re doing so well, baby. I love how your mouth feels on me.” Lucas panted, and I knew he was getting closer to his release by the way his cock pulsed in my wet mouth.

I took him deeper and tugged at his heavy balls. This round was going to be quick as I anxiously waited for the taste of his release.

“God, you’re doing so well, baby. Just like that. I’m going to…” Lucas didn’t finish his sentence as his essence exploded in my mouth. I let his salty flavor linger on my tongue before greedily gulping it all down.

I kept him in my mouth—feeling each pulse of his release—until he completely softened. Releasing him, I licked up the rest of his cum and stuck out my tongue to Lucas to show him that I’d taken every single drop of his pleasure.

“Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking sexy. Is my little mouse in heat?” He cupped the bottom of my chin and pressed his thumb against my tongue. Removing his thumb, he leaned down over his knees while guiding my mouth to his for a blistering kiss. His tongue swept over mine as if trying to catch a taste of himself.

I kissed him back with equally as much enthusiasm. Kissing Lucas was like a drug, consuming me and all my thoughts every time his mouth was on me. I was almost completely drawn in before forcing myself to pull back.

“I was not expecting this surprise, but I’m completely on board with it.” Lucas said, stroke my cheek. I nuzzled his palm and closed my eyes for a few seconds to catch my breath.

Lucas chuckled, and I blinked open to find him watching me with fondness. His expression was full of amusement, but gentle, always so gentle when he looked at me.

“Now come up so that I can take care of my baby too,” Lucas said as he tugged at my arm. I shook my head and stayed firmly on the ground.

“It looks like you’re still cold. Look how tight your balls are,” I gently tugged said ball sacks to prove a point.

“What are you thinking, my naughty little mouse?” Lucas shot me an amused smile.

I slid his chair closer to me and ran a hand up his thigh, resting it on his hipbone. “Don’t mind me, Cat. You focus on your work and I’ll focus on mine,” I said, shooting a grin at him.

“Babe?” he asked, still confused, but I had no doubt he would get with the program very soon. I scooted in between his legs and suckled his flaccid dick into my mouth, taking as much as I could while staying comfortable. My movements caused him to wince, probably from overstimulation from his recent orgasm.

I held as still as I could. My goal wasn’t to work him up again but to just hold him inside me. To have him so close to me without it having to be a sexual act had me feeling all sorts of worked up. He and I were connected in the most intimate way in body and soul. I felt all the worries and insecurities melt away. I was able to focus on the here and now.

Large, warm hands threaded into my curls, causing my lids to pop open as I peered up through my eyelashes at Lucas. He was staring at me with wonder, and I could see the fire burning in his eyes.

However, while sexy time was always phenomenal, this wasn’t about that. Staying in place, I squeezed his thigh, then tapped the bottom of the table to bring his focus back on his work.

He chuckled, cupped my cheek, then said, “So you meant it when you said you wanted to act out the scene in your book. Then I guess I better play my part well.”

With that, he did as he said and focused back on the documents in front of him. We did our own things for the most part. Me holding his soft dick in my mouth while I leaned my cheek on his thigh or wrapped my arms around his waist. He’d tap away on his computer and do his work, but would occasionally give me a gentle stroke or brush back my bangs so that he could stare at the place where we were connected.

His gaze contained so much love as he looked at me, filling and surrounding me in his care. Contentedness settled over me as we watched at each other for a few minutes when Lucas’s desk phone rang. He answered it, his eyes never leaving mine. He fingers absentmindedly caressed my cheek as he spoke to whoever had called. His focus wasn’t on me, but I was still a part of all of his actions.

I let go of everything and let my mind drift in a cozy haze as I soaked up his small touches. My mouth was lax as I continued to hold him without sucking. I had no intention of trying to get him hard. My eyes eventually drifted closed under the drone of his work conversation as I brought out my inner Zen. The passage of time was meaningless as I thought of nothing at all but being in the present with Lucas. My jaw was starting to get stiff, but I wasn’t ready to end this yet. At this moment, everything in the world made sense. Everything was right.

Knocking at his door had my eyes popping wide, and I glanced up at Lucas with a hint of panic. The idea of potentially getting caught was a thrill, but that didn’t mean I’d actually wanted someone to see me like this.

I made to move off of him. Perhaps I’d have enough time to make myself presentable without the wait being too suspicious. However Lucas looked down at me with a smirk and pressed down on my head, keeping me in place with his cock in my mouth. He brought his forefinger up to his lip, telling me to keep quiet as he called the person in.

The door opened and a deep voice spoke. “Here’s the document you were looking for.” The man’s footsteps came closer. Each step caused my heart to thud louder in my chest. I feared my heartbeat was loud enough for the stranger to hear, and that little thrill sent a shiver through my body.

Lucas still had one hand on my head. With his warm touch, the worry of getting caught, and the relaxed state I’d been in after cockwarming Lucas for who knew how long had me feeling worked up again. My previous hard-on had softened a while ago, but I could feel myself burning again. The relaxing action had turned into foreplay with the added danger of getting caught.

“Thanks. You can leave it there,” Lucas said, stroking my hair. His voice was steady as he spoke, but his dick was also hardening in my mouth. I opened wider, trying not to make any noise as I accepted the larger size, which proved to be a difficult task after having my mouth open for a while. And as Lucas grew to full mast, trying not to choke on his length was getting more difficult, and the fear in turn only worked to get me harder as well. 

I squeezed Lucas’s thigh, trying to convey to him that I was almost at my limit. He needed to kick out the intruder as quickly as possible.

“Is something the matter? Are you looking for something?” Lucas asked after a few seconds of silence. 

“No, I just thought I saw someone enter your office earlier,” the man asked, and I froze, not even daring to breathe.


Noah stiffened on my hard cock when my coworker spoke. To be honest, my heart also skipped a beat, wondering if we’d been caught. Fortunately, years of training allowed me to keep my neutral expression as I faced the man in front of me.

“You must have imagined it,” I said, keeping my tone cool and disinterested while in reality, I was sweating inside. I needed to get him out of here, and quickly.

“If there’s nothing else, I have a lot of documents I need to review,” I said, gesturing to the stack of papers piled on the corner of my desk. The statement might have been dismissive and a tad bit rude, but who the hell cared when the person you loved was currently warming your cock for you? Certainly not me.

When Noah showed up about an hour ago and gave me a bj, I was surprised but definitely welcomed it. And after he sucked me dry and gone down on me again, but this time not with the intention to start another round but to just have us connected in such an intimate it.

Reading this scene in the book Noah had written about us was hot, but seeing Noah’s lips stretch around my soft cock in person was fucking surreal. If I hadn’t just come moments before, the sight alone would have had me sporting wood hard enough to hurt. Over the next hour, I’d done my work like Noah had instructed me to, but he was never far from my mind. I couldn’t help but reach out to touch him every so often. My heart melted every time he subconsciously snuggled into my hand.

I’d heard of cockwarming in the past but never really understood the reason why anyone would do it. Noah had written about it, but the scene had only lasted a few paragraphs at most. It was different in real life. Why would anyone want to suck cock longer than ten minutes?

However, as each minute ticked by, I could see Noah relaxing into the action. He always had his hands on me, either on my thigh or my waist, but he wasn’t necessarily focused on me. Instead, he was in a meditative state, looking completely relaxed and at peace. And I felt so fucking powerful knowing that I’d helped put him in that state.

Just as I was getting worried about Noah staying in that position for too long, the door knocked and my coworker entered. Was doing something like this in the office entirely unprofessional and perhaps reputation damaging? Yes. But I couldn’t see why I should care at this moment. I could never share Noah, even if it was only having others see him during our intimate moments, but the thrill of it potentially happening was a different story. So much so that the fire inside of me was lit again, and I couldn’t wait to kick out this intruder so that I could bend Noah over this table and fuck his brains out.

When the man looked around the room as if searching for something and answered that he thought someone had entered my office earlier, Noah froze, wanting to pull off of me. However, I kept my hand firm on his head and held him still on my hard cock. When my coworker finally left, I released my hold on his head, and Noah pulled off with a huge sigh of relief and shot me a glare.

“We could’ve gotten caught,” Noah grumbled, shooting me a glare. I stood and pulled him from under the table and wrapped him in my arms for a deep kiss. I held him close, pressing my excited cock against him so that he knew how worked up he’d gotten me. Apparently I hadn’t been the only one worked up since I could feel something hard pressed against me as well.

I pulled back to find Noah with his mouth lax and a dreamy, kiss-drunk expression on his face. I pressed one last kiss on the corner of his lip before whispering in his ear, “I think it’s time to feed my hungry mouse.”

I kicked off my pants and underwear, letting my cock stand up proudly against my abs, then left Noah standing there in a daze as I walked around my desk to the front of the room. There was a cabinet by the door that held some personal items, lube being one of them. Shooting a quick glance at Noah to make sure he wasn’t looking, I quickly locked my office door, then grabbed the lube. Like I’d said, there was no way in hell I would let someone else see Noah’s expressions in the thrall of pleasure, but Noah didn’t have to know that.

With the lube in hand, I returned to his side to find him still staring in space like he was still lost in his haze. I grabbed his hand, and he shook out of whatever daze he was in to look at me. His eyes traveled from my face down to the bottle of lube that I was holding, then to my leaking cock that was crying for attention. His eyes were burning when he looked back up at me.

I chuckled and kissed the back of his hand, then guided it to press it against my cock. “Want you so bad.”

He wrapped his hand around my hardness, giving me a single stroke before releasing me. “Then you better hurry up and undress me,” Noah said, his voice husky. Now that I had no problem getting behind.

Noah wore an oversized t-shirt that hung almost down to his knees, which helped to hide the erection that he was sporting. He slowly lifted his shirt to expose his erection and soft skin. I licked my lips as I tucked my hands under the waistband of his sweats and underwear and slid them off of him.

“So fucking beautiful,” I said when I was presented with his own hard dick. “I can’t wait to get inside of you. Turn around.”

Noah gave me a scorching gaze before doing as I’d ordered. He put on a show by lifting his shirt up higher up his chest before turning his back to me. He twisted his head around to look at me, then bent over so that his chest was against my desk.

“I have a little present for you,” he said, doing a little shake of his booty. My eyes followed his actions as I traced my palms over the smooth skin of his ass cheeks before spreading them apart to reveal a pink butt plug. I pressed the flat end of the toy, causing Noah shiver.

“Fuck. Did you have this inside of you the entire time?” He bite his bottom lip and nodded. I bent over so that I loomed over Noah and whispered in his ear, “You had this toy in while walking past all those businesspeople to get to my office? I never knew you were so kinky.”

I bit his ear, and Noah let out a tiny whimper as he arched his back to get closer to me. Without waiting for him to answer, I pulled out the butt plug in one swift move. He cried out, and I immediately covered his mouth with my hand. “Shh, babe. You don’t want them hearing outside. Or perhaps you do.” A grumble vibrated in his throat, and I chuckled at how needy he was acting.

Pressing my cock against hole, I asked, “Is this what you came here looking for?”

He head quickly bobbed up and down before he pulled my hand away from his mouth to beg, “Please, Lucas. Hurry.” I ran my hand down his spine, loving the way he trembled under my touch, before giving him a hard smack on the side of his butt cheek. He hissed but still ground back against me, asking for more.

I pulled back, and he cried out, “No, don’t leave. I need you.”

“Patience, Mouse. I’ll give you whatever you want. You know I always do,” I said, running my hand up and down his back one last time before flipping my hand around to plunge two digits into his greedy hole.

“Do you want more prep?” I asked as I scissored my fingers. He was already soft and ready from wearing the butt plug, but I knew it would still sting if I didn’t open him a bit more.

He shook his head and gazed back at me. “I want to really feel it.”

A growl escaped my chest as I pushed on his back so that he was completely bent over my desk. I quickly slicked myself up and spread his cheeks apart to see his pink pucker twitch to greet me. My dick throbbed at the delicious sight in front of me, and I didn’t wait any longer to plunge into his waiting hole.

Noah let out a breathy gasp at the intrusion, but I could tell that he was trying to hold his voice back. I held his hips steady as I thrusted hard. Once. Noah’s stifled his moan. Twice. He let out a curse as he tightly grasped the other edge of the table. Three times. He keened, loud and unrestrained as if he’d forgotten his earlier task of keeping quiet.

I pressed my chest flush against his back. I covered one hand over his mouth as I leaned into his ear. “They’re going to hear you. Is that what you? You want everyone on the other side of the wall to hear what a slut you are for me?”

He whimpered, shaking his head, but his ass clenched tight around me as he shook his hips to gain more friction. I angled my hips and gave another hard thrust, aiming at his prostate. His cries would have vibrated through the room if my hand wasn’t covering his mouth to muffle the sound.

I tilted his head slightly forward so that he was facing the door. “Open your eyes, Mouse. Someone could walk in through that door at any moment, and with how loud you’re being, I’m sure they’re already starting to get suspicious. If they hear another moan, they might just barge in to see what’s going on,” I said as I bit on the tip of his ear.

Noah tightened around me, his ass twitching at every single word I whispered into his ears. He shivered under me in his pleasure, looking so fucking sexy that I was dangerously on the edge. I wanted, needed to spill my seed inside of him, but I needed to know that my baby was taken care of first. 

Noah clawed at my hand as he pulled it away from his mouth. “Lucas,” he breathed, sounding so fucking needy. He didn’t tell me what he wanted, but I knew what he was asking for anyway. 

I pulled him off of the table. He seemed to have lost most of his strength as I had to hold him upright so that he didn’t fall over. He leaned against my chest, his head naturally turning to find mine for a kiss. With one hand, I gripped his chin firmly and guided him to my lips, devouring the rest of his moans. My other hand was on his hip as I slid it across his flat stomach. I rubbed down his curly pubes. He arched into my touch, but I didn’t go any lower to stroke his leaking dick. Instead, my hand slid up again to grope his chest.

Noah wiggled in my hold, moving so much that I could feel the energy coming off of him. I moved from one nipple to the other before final pinching hard on his nub. Noah screamed into my mouth as he shot his load all over my table.

Tasting his pleasure had me bursting out in my own as I shot into him, pulse after pulse until I’d emptied my balls inside of him and claimed him as mine.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, our breaths heavy as we gave each other sweet and languid kisses. Noah was the first to pull back in almost a panic as he turned to me and said, “We need to clean up before someone comes in.”

I pulled him back to face me and wrapped my arms around his waist so that he couldn’t run away. “Don’t worry, babe. I locked the door earlier. I could never share you with anyone else. You’re mine.”

His eyes darkened as he titled his head for another kiss. There was so much love in his eyes, and I’d never get tired of seeing it. “As you are mine.”

I pulled back and looked into the eyes of the man I loved. He was everything, and I was lucky as hell that he loved me.

“Now and forever,” I said, sealing the promise with a kiss.

Thank you for reading the bonus scene! This mostly came about because I wanted to write a cockwarming scene, so I hope you loved it! 😂

Noah and Lucas’s story might be finished, but you’ll see them again in the final book of the Corio Heights Series, The Cocky Neighbor.

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