The Forever Neighbor

Corio Heights Book 3

What do you do when you’re in love with your childhood friend?

For as long as Will can remember, Jason has always been his safe space, his protector. Now as adults, he doesn’t know how much longer he can hide the desire he holds for his best friend. A desire he’s too afraid to convey and so is unable to make any progress on changing their relationship status. Is it finally time to let go?

There are two things Jason loves most in the world: food and Will. They’ve gone through everything together over the years and are as close as family. As he feels his best friend begin pulling away, Jason slowly discovers that his love for Will has turned into an emotion he can’t quite grasp but is determined to understand. Can he figure out his feelings before it’s too late and he loses Will forever?

The Forever Neighbor is an M/M romance with grumpy/sunshine and childhood friends-to-lovers tropes. It features obsessive lovers, healing, and finding found family once again. It is the third book of the Corio Heights series and can be read as a standalone but will be more enjoyable when read as a series.

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