Promised Vow

Promises, Promises 1

Our vows were supposed to be fake…

I moved back to Kither Springs to help my sister with her newborn baby. I love being home again with my family, but sleeping on the coach these past few months was really taking a toll on me. I desperately need to move out.

The problem is…while I was away for college, my hometown seemed to have become famous. A rush of people looking for a taste of the small town life rushed to our town, which also meant competition for housing. An one-bedroom opens up, but I’m not the only one interested in it.

Ryker is all muscles and frowns, and gooey brown eyes I just want to melt into. But I know better than to hit on a straight guy, and my potential future roommate. So what if there’s only one room? Nothing could ever happen between us, and we’d save money. It’ll be just like college again.

Except the old landlady insists she only rents to couples. Next thing I know, I blurt out that Ryker and I are engaged. To be married. Future husbands to be.

To my utter surprise, Ryker goes along with my little act. Now we’re supposed to pretend to be in love while I try not to actually fall in love.

Promised Vow is book 1 of the Promises, Promises series set in a small town with meddling neighbors, a matchmaking granny, and found family.

*Blurb subject to change*

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